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XT400 Series: They Can Meet All of Your Business Needs

The Motorola XT400 Series radios have the technology to assist businesses working safer together and increasing productivity. Included in the series is the non-display Motorola XT420 and the Motorola XT460 two-way radios.

Whether it's serving customers and communicating with colleagues in retail, or organising supplies at the construction site, your radio has the perfect features to provide your company with a competitive advantage: constant communication, outstanding quality and durability for extreme conditions.

Key Features:

  • 8 channels
  • Microphone
  • Auto scan
  • USB CPS Interface
  • On/Off volume knob
  • Channel selector knob
  • LED indicator
  • PTT button
  • IP55 rated

Communicate Clearly - The XT420 and XT460 offers 8 channels and user selectable PL codes to ensure a strong signal. The powerful 1500mW speaker with wind-noise reduction guarantees clear communication in noisy environments.

Rugged Design - Both XT400 Series radios are built with a rugged design that meets military requirements because they can outstand harsh conditions such as shock, vibration, temperature and wind. The radios are IP55 rated, meaning they are splash and dust proof.

Channel Announcement with Voice Alias - Customise your channel list by selecting from 16 pre-recorded channel roles tailored to roles in your business, for example, customer service, sales, security etc.

VOX (Voice Activated Communications) - With the voice activation feature, you can listen to your radio without having to push any buttons, allowing you to continue with your tasks whilst listening to the radio announcements.

Accessories - To ensure comfort, make your radio sit securely on your belt with the belt clip provided. It allows you to rotate your radio to fit your preference.

Easy to Use?

  • Simply press the push-to-talk button to communicate with another user.
  • Listen to your customised channels hands-free without having to touch the radio.
  • The XT400 Series radios arrive with 4 programmable buttons which allows for an easy set-up and access to features.

Is It Practical?

Both of the XT400 Series radios have up to a 9km range*, so you can cover the whole shop floor, school, or venue without having to worry about your radio losing signal. They also have an average of up to 20 hours battery life (with battery save mode on), so you can communicate throughout the working day without your radio completely losing battery life. Simply charge overnight using the charger provided and it will be ready for you the next morning.

The XT400 Series radio have licence-free frequencies, meaning you can utilise all 16 channels to have a cheap, simple experience.

Benefits of a Licence-Free Radio

    • They are more cost-effective than licenced radios.
    • No subscription or call charges.
    • No licence needed.
    • Simple to use.
    • Greater options to reduce interference from others.
    • Pre-programmed radio frequencies.
    • Improved voice quality and performance.

The XT400 Series radios endure Motorola's ALT (Accelerated Life Testing) simulating up to 5 years of use.

Contents of Package


  • Motorola XT420
  • X1 NiMH Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • X1 Charger
  • An Antenna
  • X1 Belt Clip


  • Motorola XT460
  • X1 NiMH Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • X1 Charger
  • An Antenna


Purchase your Motorola XT420 here

Purchase your Motorola XT460 here


*Coverage may vary based on conditions and terrain.

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