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Security Guard Essentials – A Guard’s Gear Guide

Here at 2 Way Radio Shop, we know that security work can often be a dangerous job. Having a role protecting people, property or possessions can leave little room for a security guard to consider their own safety. Taking security measures to protect themselves guarantees that they will always be able to concentrate on the task in hand knowing that their personal safety isn’t at risk. So what security measures does a security guard need to take?


A security guards uniform is essential to separate them from members of the public. Uniforms can also act as deterrents to people who may be potential threats by making sure that their presence and authority is recognised.

Protective clothing

The necessity of protective clothing will be highly dependent upon the type of working environment that a security guard is responsible for or works within. Many guards experience aggression or violence whilst on duty so wearing protective garments may be a sensible precaution to prevent serious injury. A stab proof vest may be necessary if they are working in a highly violent and threatening area or to appear increasingly vigilant.



It could be argued that a torch is one of the most important pieces of gear that a security guard can have at their disposal. Having a torch ensures that a security guard can continue to carry out their job effectively in dimly lit or dark areas or in the event of a power cut. 


A simple notepad and pen

With the highly technological world that we live in today, carrying a notepad and pen may seem extremely out of touch and outdated. If equipment were to ever run out of battery, then having a paper trail to fall back on will ensure that no incident or occurrence would go unrecorded. This method will allow you to take notes of incidence that you could then transfer to an electronic log at a more convenient time.

First Aid Kit

Having access to and understanding how to use elements of a first aid kit can be imperative to a security guards practice. Whether it is required to help a colleague, member of the public or to treat wounds or minor traumas to themselves. Utilising a first aid kit may prevent an injury or illness from worsening, so it is a vital part of a security guards skill set and an essential piece of equipment.

Two-way radio

A reliable form of communication is essential for working as a security guard. Being able to Walkie Talkiescontact someone instantaneously for either a simple update or to report disturbances is vital, so the equipment used must be of a high standard and most importantly reliable. For these reasons, two way radios have become an essential part of a security guards kit.



Security licence

It is essential to carry a valid Security Industry Authority licence at all times when on duty protecting, people, property or assets to demonstrate the right to work. When reporting an incident or contacting the authorities, a licence may be required as proof of employment.

Appropriate footwear

As a security guard the majority of their working time will be spent on their feet. To guarantee comfort whilst on the job it is advisable that durable footwear is purchased. Many guard uniforms state a pair of black boots as a requirement but checking with an employer is a sensible first step before investing.

Whether you’ve just secured a new role as a security guard, or just wanted to check your up to date with the essentials, we hope this article has given you the info to keep you safe whilst keeping others safe.

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