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  • Safety & Stylish. The Best Way to Communicate on The Slopes This Season

    Safety & Stylish. The Best Way to Communicate on The Slopes This Season

    Whether your run is green, blue, red, black or even a double black rating, being safe on the slopes is paramount. Not thinking about your boots and ending up with poor fitting rentals can be uncomfortable, not thinking about safe ways of communication and keeping in touch can be critical.

    If you’re lucky enough to witness the magical landscape of a ski resort this winter, whether it be whilst carving through the mountains or from a vibrant après bar. Chances are, you will want to share those memories with friends and family. Lightweight, voice activated communication and cost effective these devices have come a long way from the ‘walkie-talkies’ we all played with as kids!

    Anyone who has been skiing around the Alps, or snowboarding through remote areas of woodland, will tell you that mobile phone coverage is sporadic at best. In these circumstances, where it’s easy to split up, shouting and waving to one another can prove to be a fruitless task.

    Using two-way radios eliminates this seamlessly and is increasingly an essential means of communication for outdoor adventures. Whether it be meeting for lunch during a skiing session, to locating a family member who’s lost the group, two-way radios can be crucial to remaining connected to one another.

    With so many options, how do you pick the right two-way radio? Here we have done the research for you and picked our favourites for 2020 below:

    1- Motorola T92 Twin Pack (Special offer EXC VAT- £74.17):

    The T92 has plenty of features but remains remarkably easy to use, and that’s why it tops our list! Boasting 16 hours of rechargeable battery life in sub-zero conditions, also keeping you connected with a 10km in range, means you’ll never lose touch with your group during long days out. With an IP67 rating, this radio can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and even floats face-up in water. It stands out in a bright yellow casing, making it tough to lose if you happen to drop it in the snow! Should you need help, signal the others in your group by pressing the emergency alert button to activate a hands-free call and sound a loud warning tone on your radio signal.

    2-Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme Twin Pack (Special offer EXC VAT - £64.50):

    The T82 Extreme is one of our most popular and affordable two-way radios. Reaching up to 10km in range and with state of the art iVOX hands-free mode, you can make and receive calls with ease whilst racing your friends down the slopes. And with earpieces included, you will still be able to contact your children who can wear them under their helmets. Taking just one touch of a button, it couldn’t be easier to pair the radios up either! There’s no need to worry about finding your way back to the ski-lodge when its dark, the T82 comes built in with an integrated LED light to help you navigate back safely.  Upgrade to the Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme QUAD pack and save even more on your radios!

    What Should I Be Looking For?

    IP Rating:

    If you plan on skiing, you should look out for an IP rating of IPx4, IP67 and IP68. Essentially, an IPx4 protects against water splashes from all directions. An iP67 rated radio can withstand constant submersion of water of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. An IP68 radio however, will be able to reach a depth of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes, meaning it will stay intact during days of blizzard.

    Emergency Features:

    Outdoor excursions do leave the possibility of accidents and injuries happening. Therefore, emergency features on your radio could be potentially life-saving. It would be advisable to look for radios with an emergency button which can send out a siren to the rest of your group.

    VOX (Voice Over Call):

    In our opinion, this is the most useful function when you are on the move as it transmits through voice activation. Allowing you to remain hands-free and effortlessly communicate with the group whilst you race to the bottom.

    Earpiece Connectivity:

    The majority of radio packs come with earpieces included. These can be used alongside the VOX function. This allows you to communicate more efficiently during your activities with improved audio quality, and again without the need to touch your radio when VOX is activated.

    Perfect for sticking to your holiday budget

    Size/ Weight:

    Long gone are the days of big, chunky radios with huge antennas. However, it’s still worth looking for a light ergonomic design which can clip onto you easily.

    Find out more:

    Check out what our customers thought of the products below:

    T82 Extreme customer review: ‘I bought a Twin Pack of these from the 2wayradioshop before an impromptu skiing trip. They arrived in under 24 hours and it only took a minute to get them set up to allow me to maintain contact with our children if we were separated. Both parties found it liberating & they worked even when not in direct line of sight i.e. I was at the top of a rounded hill & they were at the bottom we were still able to maintain contact. Seems an excellent, sturdy & well-made product.’

    Buy this on special offer:

    T92 Customer review: ‘Really great product ideal for purpose which is to communicate with coxes when coaching rowing crews, able to give instructions that they can clearly hear. Being waterproof is obviously an advantage being a water sport.’

    Buy this on special offer:

    Man powder skiing, Alps, Zauchensee, Austria
  • The best radio for the job

    Choosing the right two-way radio for your industry and job type is essential. Being able to communicate with your team, supervisors and managers is an extremely important part of any job role, but certain industries rely on efficient modes of communication.

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  • The best radio for the job

    Choosing the right two-way radio for your industry and job type is essential. Being able to communicate with your team, supervisors and managers is an extremely important part of any job role, but certain industries rely on efficient modes of communication.

    Motorola radios provide a high quality, efficient solution to communication. They allow for increased productivity and safety within any industry whilst lowering a businesses operating costs. The benefits for a number of industries are below, but if you find that you need some further advice regarding your job role or industry visit: 2 way radio shop .


    Two-way radios allow individuals to communicate seamlessly and discreetly throughout an event or daily occurrences. Customer service can be enhanced due to effective communication resulting in faster response times to issues or requests.


    From security guards to maintenance workers, portable and mobile radios allow for constant communication between team members. This ensures that should a situation arise, response times would be as quick as possible, ensuring the team and the public’s safety.  Increase the safety of your staff and members of the public with our selection of 2 way radios.

    Transportation and Logistics

    Using radios as a form of communication in the transport and logistics industry can increase the reliability of the service, with real time updates during a journey.  Our parent company Eemits Communications have created an exclusive radio network that covers the whole of the North East of England, allowing transport companies (amongst others) to have continuous radio communications and real time tracking information over whole of the North East of England.  Contact us for more information.

    Requirements to consider

    There are two main factors that you should consider before deciding which model of Motorola two-way radio is best for you and your business needs.

    • Numbers of users or channels – The number of individuals and talk groups will influence how many channels you will need for a radio. You may require dedicated channels for different departments of your business who only need to communicate with each other. It is also very important to keep the potential for expansion in mind when thinking about how many channels you wish to have.
    • Frequency Bands – All of the different bands have advantages for certain applications and situations. The higher the frequency, the better the in-building penetration, but as you increase the frequency it will result in a reduction in range.


    • Features – Two-way radios are available with a variety of features that can improve your businesses productivity and efficiency, along with the safety of your team and workforce. These features include integrated data applications that will increase the radios capability of voice communication. The main safety features can include emergency notification which can be utilised during urgent situations which can make hazardous work environments more bearable.

    The correct choice of a two- way radio can vastly improve the day to day running’s of a business or organisation, most importantly keeping your employees connected. They can provide communication solutions for real time updates, keeping all members of a team informed of important goings on.

    Contact a member of the sales team to discuss your requirements further, our sales team are trained to ensure you receive the correct radio solution for your communication needs.

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    The Motorola XT660D Series is ideal for organisations that understand instant communication is a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT600d radios are packed with features that keep your team connected and productive.

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