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New - Motorola XT660D Licence Free Radios

The Motorola XT660D Series is ideal for organisations that understand instant communication is a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT600d radios are packed with features that keep your team connected and productive.

Motorola XT660D

It starts with enhanced digital calling. Whether you need to call a single person, a group, or the entire organisation, you can reach exactly who you need. Because personnel are often widely dispersed, control matters too. The Motorola XT660D Series lets you remotely monitor your radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if they’re lost. We understand that today’s businesses need more than one way to communicate. The full keypad lets your team send text messages, ensuring that detailed project information is conveyed accurately. With the Motorola XT660D Series, you can record and play back conversations for training purposes and audit protection. Enjoy crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication. And you have the option of adding digital XT600d radios into an existing analogue fleet, allowing you to upgrade on your terms.



Whether your personnel are in the warehouse, on the shop floor, or in an office, you can target only the individuals or groups you need.

Store up to 512 contacts and call a single person by selecting from the list, or by choosing a pre-programmed quick key for faster access. Make calls to up to 16 teams and departments, or just one. And if there’s an urgent issue, immediately call all available personnel, all at once.

The XT600d Series gives you the capabilities you need to stay in control from a distance. For example, your site manager can activate the mic and transmitter on the target radio of a crane operator who’s not answering calls. That way, they can check on the well-being of the operator and know instantly if he’s okay and was simply occupied, or if you need to send immediate help. You can also disable a radio if it goes missing, so it can’t be used if it falls into the wrong hands. And if the radio is found, you can re-enable it so it can be reused.


Organisations should have the freedom to choose what works best for them. Need to keep some of your team on analogue PMR446 radios? You can use the XT660D Series in analogue mode with other comparable devices, so you don’t have to upgrade the entire fleet at once.


Being able to have a recorded conversation is useful for everything from training purposes to audit protection. That’s why the Motorola XT660D provides audio recording and playback capabilities. Capture customer information after an accident, so the company is covered later on. Record interactions in retail settings and play it back to improve customer service. Any time you need to record BROCHURE audio, your device is within reach.


  • 2 pin audio connector
  • Microphone
  • Dedicated audio recording
  • Push-to-talk button
  • Programmable side buttons
  • Status led
  • Easy to use LCD display
  • Plus many more.........

The Motorola XT660D is now available in Our Shop.

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