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Motorola CLP446 – It’s Productivity With Personality!

After getting our hands on the Motorola CLP446, we were pleasantly surprised with was how compact and light the radio was after unpacking the box. The CLP446 is palm-sized and whilst we knew the radio was designed to be small and lightweight (weighing in at 85.3g), it was still a shock at how unobtrusive the radio felt when clipped onto your belt or clothing.

It couldn’t be easier to attach the radio to yourself too, as it comes with a flexible belt clip that the radio slides into seamlessly and attaches it to your belt effortlessly. You could wear it all day and forget you had it on!


This radio was designed to be used within the retail and hospitality industry, it's easy on the eye and we feel it certainly looks the part. It's a sophisticated, discreet radio which upholds a professional image in keeping with a company's brand.

We tested the durability of the batteries by using the radios intermittently and moderately, roughly how they would be used in a hotel or a restaurant. The test found them to last around 10 hours without charge and still provide high levels of audio. After this, sound becomes increasingly poor before the power on the radio runs out altogether. The battery life should still be suitable as most shift patterns tend to be for around 8-9 hours, and the batteries are rechargeable regardless, so it might be worth keeping a few spare radios just in case!

Motorola conducted research within the retail & hospitality sectors and asked for people from within the industry to feedback what key factors they would be looking for within a radio.

From the responses, 3 key specifications were outlined:

  • Comfortability
  • Durability & Performance
  • Elegance

We think the specification has been executed impressively and the radio is an ideal addition for shops and restaurants within the retail and hospitality industry.

Our Verdict:

2Way Radio Shop gives the CLP446 4/5 Stars!

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