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Festivals and Events - Our Guide For a Successful Day

'Quick and Easy Communications with All Your Teams Keeps Everyone Safe'

Organising a festival or a major event can be a logistical nightmare and extremely challenging. Months in the planning, hundreds if not thousands of attendees, perhaps multiple stages if it is a music festival or various different locations if it is an event dispersed over a wide area such as a park run.

This is all before you start to consider how to communicate with the various user groups you may have such as security, stewards, parking and first aid. In an emergency how you talk to all team members instantaneously to maximise everyone’s safety.

Whilst we cannot help you book the latest chart act for your festival or an Olympian for your run. We can take away all the hassle for you regarding communication to your various teams for the on-site set-up, the duration of the event and any shut-down timescale by using two-way radios.

Our parent company ‘Eemits Communications’ have been supplying hire radios for over thirty years and can supply to any location in the UK. Our industry experts are always available to chat with you to ensure you get the right equipment at the right time.  Our hire radios come with our hire frequency (the wavelength the radios communicate with each other on) as standard. We can also re-program to your frequency if you already own one. However, if you do need an Ofcom licence? We can sort all that for you as well!

Wait! Need an “Ofcom what?” 

Don’t worry; this is basically the best way to ensure you have independent use of the frequencies your two-way radio communications will be using during your event. Some people have approached this situation thinking they could use any high-street purchased batch of “walkie-talkies”.  These are inadequate, low-range, and all on the same frequency with limited segregation and anyone in the crowd with a similar piece of kit could listen in!

Professional kit supplied by industry specialists gives you maximum ROI and peace of mind at your event!

We supply digital two-way radios from the industries major companies. This means you are guaranteed a high quality, reliable and rugged digital radio!

The benefit of digital includes background noise cancelling. A big-plus when you are in a big crowd or near a stage as this removes the background distractions so the message can be clearly heard – and therefore understood.

Our radios can be segregated into “channels” and each channel can be designated to a unique function within the teams at your events. For example channel 1 = security, channel 2 = first aid, channel 3 = vehicle parking ..etc.   This means that the teams only hear the communications and notifications that are relevant to them and are not interrupted by the chatter from all the other groups.

With Eemits frequencies you can have up to 12 channels, so there is plenty to go around. This includes having dedicated broadcast channels for emergencies to make sure all teams get the message at the same time providing instant communication, whether to an individual or a large group – no waiting for a phone signal to connect or a text to send if using mobile phones.

Radio Hire Includes

Each radio comes with either an individual charging unit per radio or with a multi-charger that holds up to 6 radios depending on your preference. As the average life-cycle of the battery is approximately 10-12 hrs we always advise the hire of spare battery packs to make sure you can quickly swap out and always be on the go.

So, what else may you need?

When you talk with our team they will run through your requirements and will be able to advise if you may need to have repeaters (to extend the range of communication over a larger area) or maybe a base station if you want to run things from a central hub.

The radios all come with belt clips as standard hire supply. Additionally, you can add in remote speaker microphones (you may hear this abbreviated to RSM’s), headsets, earpieces and carry-cases if you wish.

Hytera PD705LT

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