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Cycle Safely with Two-Way Radios

Whether you cycle with your partner, or in a cycling team, communication is vital when it comes to cycling on roads, mountains, or tracks.

Thanks to two-way radios you can answer any questions your team may have, as well as communicate direction changes, all whilst staying safe and concentrating on your trail.

There is a misconception that two-way radios are heavy and can get in your way, however, some of our two-way radios have a slim, compact design for a simple method of communication. There will be no worry of large, bulky radios getting in your way, meaning you can focus on the journey ahead.

Two-way radios can enhance your safety as well as keep you in contact with your cycling team with some of their key features. This includes a voice activation feature to keep your hands free when communicating, and a long battery life for those who enjoy a longer route.

Read the infographic below on how two-way radios can improve your safety when cycling:


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