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Communicate Safely on your Cycling Journey

Two-way radios allow for engaging real-time communication whilst on your cycling adventures. Using two-way radios when cycling is ideal for enhancing your simultaneous communication without losing valuable time for team coordination.

It is important for your safety when cycling to have both hands on your handlebars. This means you may not have the ability to handle a large communication device to contact your group. You require an easy method of communication; one of our small, lightweight two-way radios can give you this.

There is a misconception that two-way radios are large, bulky and can get in the way. However, small and lightweight two-way radios are ideal for many outdoor sports such as cycling, running and mountain biking, where you don’t want a heavy radio attached to your belt.

Important factors to consider:

  • Are you afraid of losing your cycling partner during your trail?
  • Have there been times where you wished to ask a question to your group, but shouting only goes so far?
  • How can you make communicating the changing of directions easier?

Many of our two-way radios have a hands-free voice activation feature where you can communicate with another person ensuring that your hands can stay firmly on the handlebars. This allows your hands to stay free whilst focusing on your journey as well as communicating with your group.

A survey from the National Travel Attitudes Survey in 2020 shows that 60% of the British population say that it is too dangerous for them to cycle on the roads. Two-way radios can increase your safety with some of their key features:

Voice activation feature - Focus on the road by simply communicating to your group with the hands-free voice activation feature.

Simple and easy to use - Keep your focus on the trail ahead by having easy-to-use devices which prevents distraction.

Battery life - The two-way radios have long battery life for those who enjoy a longer route. Some of our two-way radios have a USB port to simply connect a USB cable to a power pack for a swift charge.

Why are two-way radios useful for cycling?

  • It is unlikely that you will lose your group or cycling partner on your journey because you can keep in constant contact allowing you to report changes of direction and updates using your two-way radio.
  • You can ask questions and make comments at any point of the journey.
  • You can give warnings by using the voice activation feature which reduces chance of distraction and injury.


Motorola CLP446 radio:

This two-way radio has a small, lightweight design so it can fit safely in your pocket without any discomfort. It arrives with a wired earpiece so you can hear your team clearly in a noisy environment.

Key features:

  • Oversized PTT button - One simple, oversized push-to-talk button on your two-way radio allows you to find it easily so you can stay focused on the road.
  • Clear, strong audio - This feature allows for easy communication in noisy environments. This is ideal for cycling on busy, noisy roads that cannot be avoided.
  • Up to 14 hours battery use - There will be no worry of your two-way radio running out of battery with up to 14 hours use. This is suitable for your long cycling journeys when going those extra miles to keep fit.
  • Small, lightweight design - Simply clip the CLP446 radio onto your clothing without it weighing down your pocket or belt. Communicate comfortably because of the light, palm-sized design and wired earpiece.

More two-way radios we recommend for your cycling journey:

Motorola T82 Extreme with RSM's

Key features:

  • PMR446 - licence-free
  • Vibrate alert & hands-free communication.
  • LED torch
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Up to 10km range
  • Easy pairing for group call set-up
  • Battery level indicator


Motorola XT180

Key features:

  • Licence-free, cost-free operation
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Hands-free voice activated communication.
  • 121 interference eliminator codes for 8 channels.
  • Up to 8km range.
  • LED torch


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