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business communications

  • Festivals and Events - Our Guide For a Successful Day

    'Quick and Easy Communications with All Your Teams Keeps Everyone Safe'

    Organising a festival or a major event can be a logistical nightmare and extremely challenging. Months in the planning, hundreds if not thousands of attendees, perhaps multiple stages if it is a music festival or various different locations if it is an event dispersed over a wide area such as a park run.

    This is all before you start to consider how to communicate with the various user groups you may have such as security, stewards, parking and first aid. In an emergency how you talk to all team members instantaneously to maximise everyone’s safety.

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  • Battery Use, Effective Storage and Care

    When your battery fails, your radio fails. When your radio fails, your business communications fails. This can have a severe impact on productivity and the safety of your staff. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you know how to effectively use, store and care for your batteries.

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