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A Splash of Safety: Using the Motorola T92 H20 For Water Sports

Whether it be kayaking, fishing, sailing, canoeing, or any other water sports, the Motorola T92 H20 two-way radio can keep you connected and safe during your water-based activities.

Communication is a vital component in sporting activities and especially so when partaking in water sports as being on water can cause unpredictable emergencies. Two-way radios allow for easy focus on your activity whilst contacting your team members safely on the water.

How two-way radios assist you in water sport activities

When rowing, canoeing and kayaking, two-way radios are beneficial for the communication between players in strategy and rhythm. Efficient communication can prevent fouls and rushing, and encourage an accurate paddling rhythm.

Another challenge can be background noise in your environment, and it is essential you are heard on a boat over the loud noise of running water and the boat's engine. Two-way radios transmit voice clearer and louder.

The British weather can be miserable at times, meaning you can certainly encounter rain when fishing. Therefore, a waterproof two-way radio with an IP67 rating is ideal for those wet, rainy days. The Motorola T92 H20 is perfect because of its waterproof design and can be used whether near fresh or salt water.

Important factors to consider:

  • What if you are stranded in water and have no cellular signal to contact anyone?
  • How do you alert your group of an emergency whilst in water?
  • How do you communicate with your team who are on another boat, when gestures and shouting only go so far?

Save your energy for your water sports and communicate safely and effectively with the Motorola T92 H20 two-way radio.

How is the Motorola T92 H20 a safety device?

  • Emergency panic button - This is ideal for any times where you may be stranded in water, or suddenly fall into water and need to alert your team members.
  • Whistle belt clips – Two whistle belt clips arrive with your T92 purchase which can be utilized during emergencies to signal for help using the whistle. They are a practical back up in case your two-way radio is not accessible.
  • LED Torch - The Motorola T92’s LED torch activates on contact with water with red and white modes, as well as floating face up so it is visible on the surface. This can be used in a dark environment such as wanting to read a map in the dark.

Motorola T92 H20 key features:

Waterproof design:

The Motorola T92 H20 two-way radio can keep you connected whether on land or on the water. This is because it meets IP67 standards and can withstand submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes.

Vibrate alert:

This is a useful feature when in locations where a loud call tone can be intrusive, such as fishing. It is also beneficial where loud noise may prevent you from hearing your call tone, such as jet skiing.

Emergency panic button:

The bright orange emergency panic button is beneficial when alerting team members of any dangers. It allows you to partake in your water-based activity with confidence that others can be informed of any threats you may face.

When pressed, a hands-free call will be activated, along with a loud warning tone on your radio to signal to your group that you need help.

Battery life:

The NiMH rechargeable batteries which can last up to 17 hours* on average use, or three AA batteries for up to 23 hours*. This battery life is ideal for those long water sports sessions. There is also a low battery alert to inform you when your battery is running low.

LED torch:

This two-way radio comes with a white LED setting to take part in your water sports on an evening, so you can find your way during emergencies or power outages. You can also switch to the red LED light setting for reading maps or papers in the dark whilst preserving your night vision.

Bright design:

The Motorola H20 T92 has a bright yellow casing so it is detectable if dropped in water or on the ground.


The Motorola T92 H20 is a cost-effective option and easy to use because it is licence-free. It can be used straight out of the box without any need to require a licence.

What's in the box:

  • Two Motorola T92 H20 two-way radios
  • Two whistle belt clips
  • Two NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Two detachable USB cables
  • One carry case


Purchase your Motorola T92 H20 two-way radio here: Motorola T92

*Based on standard usage.

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